Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Well.....It's been a while

Golly gosh!
I last posted on this blog in October, that is insane!
October 2012 was when I last posted, and it's now July 2013.
I know, you're all probably wondering what miraculous changes have happened since I dropped off the face of the earth....
Not a lot actually.

The Lowdown. 

I have got one more semester left at University, then I am DONESKIS BRO!
I am still totally madly truly deeply in love with my boyfriend Endrico. :)
I moved flats! Still with the same people, well two of the same people, and two new people.

That's basically it.
Oh one of my best friends moved to Aussie so I miss her lots.
My family is still as dysfunctional as ever,
And I am still as random as ever.

Lots more to discuss maybe....
Will see ya soon and hopefully I remember to blog more because it's fun and helps me a lot when I'm feeling stink!


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