Who am I?

Well, My name is Mikayla. Born in Kiwi-land and 18 years of age.

My mum always tells me how special and lucky I am because I was supposed to be born on in April..But I came into the world in January! Hah!
Anyways, I am your normal teenager/youngadult.
I am awkward in many ways. I am super lazy when I want to be, and I am a Huuuuuge procrastinator! I like to day dream, and I over think things way too much sometimes i get sad for no reason but I couldn't survive without my friends, family, music or my amazing boyfriend. <3

I have ginger hair and blueygreen eyes. I hate vegetables and love junk food, but am trying to get in shape for summer!
I am majoring in Theatre Studies and Design Media at University, and my ultimate goal in life is to eventually become a drama teacher, open up my own drama school and teach kids about creativity. I want to use my knowledge of creativity and share it with other children, so that the creative minds carry on.

Before you judge me, get to know me.
I have been through a lot in my life. Like any normal person, but of course I'm not normal.
So, sometimes what I post on here may be laced with sad and angry tones, but usually I like to keep it happy and always smile.

So, thats who I am.
Just a crazy, slightly deranged, poor, uni student living it up and trying to make everything count.